Wednesday, 8 November 2017

A Case of Eczema with Sero-Sanguinous discharge treated by Baryta Carb

Dr Sanjay Jadhav:
A case of 62yrs old man, Barbershop, standing work.
Came with wife having Eczema on RT ankle...serosanguinous discharge oozing from it since 5-6yrs but aggravated since 2 months.
Itching n burning < night
Simple looking person who stammers since childhood.
Pt says "has to lie down can not stand for long time.
Can't work in farm also n in salon shop now....kam nahi kar pata hu to kaise hoga (Has no farm but works on daily wages in another person farm as very low economy)
Ladka bolta h tension Lena nahi fir mai tension leta nahi. Ladka bolta h mai ghar ke construction ka dekh lunga kaise to bhi Tum tumhari tabiyat sambhalo. Then he feels relaxed.
Wife adds, no issue with me. Bahot accha swabhav h...don't argue with anyone... Khudhi parhej karte h...Kuch khaya to takli hogi isliye....Marne ko darte h...bahot khayal rakhte h khane pine mai Kahi Kuch taklif Na ho jaye...pts mother n father died at early brother n sister....they have migrated from some other place for earning livelihood...
2 sons
Elder is staying separate as DIL is problematic...n...son is drunkard.
Younger one stays with him...runs his shop...n....takes care of him...Pt bolta h iska bahot aadhar h muze....

Observations :
Pt could have come alone...but came with wife... Also wife spoke on behalf of him...he was in timid mood... Kya batau kaise batau...kind of anxious n cowardice person.....very less eye contact... Stammers while speaking...which was kind of hasty talk.

Baryta Carb 6c 3doses
SL 15 days

After 15 shown in pic

Pt is happy...

Again after 15 days... Came with back to square one with secondary infection on it...
(I was like arrey kya hua aisa)

Baryta carb3c 3 doses

After 15 days  followpic

Again better as before...
(I sighed this time....thank God)

Rubrics :
Cautious - anxious
Anxiety business about his

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