Friday, 28 February 2014



A person aged 62 yrs was brought by his son who is my regular patient. His son told that his father was under treatment of Cardiologist for HTN then he felt better. Now, he has some strange problem. So I brought him to you.
I asked pt. what your problem is.
He told I am feeling tingling of upper and lower extremities & weakness.
Anything else?
Pt: Nothing
Patient’s son: Dr. tyanna dokyat chakkar yeto. 1-2 min rahto, lagech nighun jato. Nantar tyanna fresh vatate. Jase kahi zalech nahi.
Zoplele asle tar uthun bastat. Talya vajvane chalu hote. Sarkhe devache namsmaran chalu hote. Dole ekdum that hotat. Kahitari vichitra vagtat. Tyanche tyanna bhan rahat nahi. Pun tyanantar tyanna ashaktpana yeto.
Pt: mala vatate kahitari baherche ahe.
O/E= BP & PR were WNL
Rubrics considered:
MIND - MANIA - hands - claps
MIND - GESTURES, makes - hands; involuntary motions of the - clapping
MIND - DELIRIUM TREMENS - praying, with
MIND - INSANITY - religious
MIND - DELUSIONS - devil - possessed of a devil - he is
EYE - OPEN eyelids - delirium, with
Reason for taking 1) Delirium tremens- All of us know delirium means mental state where the patient is confused, excited, restless and has hallucinations.
Delirium tremens (DTs) or delirium alcoholicum = state of mental disturbance, especially including hallucinations about insects, trembling and excitement, usually found in chronic alcoholics
So, inference is patient does not know what he is doing. As a person who is alcoholic loses his balance while walking, talking. Thinking is also affected. No concentration on what he is talking.
2) EYE - OPEN eyelids - delirium, with--- though this rubric is not from MIND section but it is expressing the state of mind through gesture. Actually, this is a psycho-somatic type of rubric. It is obvious for Stram to keep eyes wide open (EYE - OPEN eyelids - wide open) in frightened state as it is combination of MIND – ASTONISHED and MIND - AILMENTS FROM – fright.

REMEDY: STRAM 30 single dose was given.
After 15 days:
Weakness decreased
Chakkar kami zala
Clapping decreased.
Again after 15 days:
Chakkar band zala
No weakness & tingling deacreased considerably
Again after 15 days:
Everything is fine. No religious attack.