Thursday, 26 September 2013

Learning From Failures----- Kreosotum Case

A lady suffering from Migraine was taking treatment from me since couple of months. She was given 3 medicines till now as state seemed to be changing after some days. She was feeling little bit better with every medicine but not as we expects. Meanwhile her husband disclosed that she has no desire to have sex. She was asked about it. She told it is since 5-6 yrs when my second child born. After that I am having no desire rather fears when my husband even talk to have it. It shatters me. I am having unknown fear about it. I escape at that time due to fear. Then I could relate her physical complaints directly with sexual drive which became so cold. Then I searched through repertory and I got 1 rubric which did its job and now, she is having migraine relieved with NORMAL DESIRE TO SEX (of which her husband told smilingly).
MIND - ANXIETY - coition - thought of; from - women; anxiety in
MIND - FEAR - coition - thought of coition in women; at
She was given Kreosotum 30.

The information given by pt. during every meeting (since 1st visit) is given below. It was in scattered form which after linking gives state of kreosot in this particular patient:
Pt:  (Due to headache) chittach lagat nahi, (MIND - WEARISOME) ubaglyasarkhe vatate, (MIND - WEARY OF LIFE) marun javese vatate, (MIND - DEATH - desires) udas sarkhe vatate, (MIND - SADNESS) khup paisa kharch hotoy pun farakh nahi padat, (MIND - DESPAIR - recovery, of) marayche ekdache (MIND - DEATH - desires - despair, from) Bare hoil ki nahi? Parat parat hot ahe he, (MIND - DOUBTFUL - recovery, of) changli dava dya mhanje than-thanit vhayala pahije (MIND - CARRIED - desire to be carried)
(About sex problem) Ase ka hotey tech mala kalat nahiye, (MIND - CAPRICIOUSNESS) nakoch vatate. Te javal yayala nako ase vatate. Tharkap hoto, tithun nighun jate. Tyani nuste tyabaddal charcha jari keli tari mala ghabarayala hote (MIND - ANXIETY - coition - thought of; from - women; anxiety in) (MIND - FEAR - coition - thought of coition in a women; at)    
Ata mi yenar navhati tyana mhatle Dhulyala chala
Farakach nahi padat mhanun (MIND - DESPAIR - recovery, of)