Saturday, 9 July 2016

A Case of Homoeopath having Depression and Allergic Dermatitis

Good evening sir
Myself Dr xyz
Will you please help me ....
I need your help ....
Actually I was hesitating to ask for your help but I have no option I am having itching on my forearms...medial side & it is progressing so I am worried
 I asked-
Why r u feeling hesitating?

What do u feel as it is progressing
Tell in detail about ur IPR (inter personal relationship) I.e. relation between u n ur family members....
About ur professional life.
Social life
Economical n cultural area....

Most importantly what effect does eruption has on ur daily routine? Ur life in general?
: First of all sorry i am troubling you..
I was hesitating to ask for help because I am unknown person to you & I was thinking ki ugich tras nko tumhala .....
This problem started 3 years before
Initially there was only itching but now there is a patch due to itching
It is looking very ugly
& I feel awkward infront of patient
Jar patient chya lakshat aal tar te kay vichar kartil....
Aani to patch wadhtoy day by looks I am worried

Restart means?
Are u married/ unmarried?
What about ur mother?
: My mother is very sisters are also very loving & caring
I have 2 sisters & 1 bro
We share a healthy relationship
Yes I am married but divorced 1 & half year before
A major emotional trauma in my life which gave a new turn to my life
It is the main reason for hesitation .....bcoz of this I do not mix with people as I feel that people will ask about my personal life....aani te sangtana I always cry .....I don't like to cry infront of unknown persons or my patients...I show that I am very strong...I do not cry infront of my family bcoz te jast vichar kartat...stress ghetat...I cry infront of my best friends...I feel better after crying
Professional life :
I am happy that my homoeopathic patients are increasing day by day...sometimes I get very nice results ...sometimes I fail....but the blessings which I get from my patients are valuable & it gives me energy to work hard 
I love homoeopathy beyond limits...I always feel that I must do something different....homoeopathy is giving me  respect , money &:most important thing...satisfaction that mi kahitari changla kartey
Economical area:
I have no financial tension...sadhya tari nahiye
I have to manage on my own other option....I  have small 4 beded care
Mi shakyato paise magat nahi mazya vadilankade kinva bhavakade....mala evdha aawdat nahi...tyani mala education is more than enough for me 
No financial worries
Social & cultural area :
I generally avoid functions I said ki lok prashna vichartat divorce baddal...tyacha khup tras hoto mala....back stage mi responsibility ghet aste if there is any function &; I try to be perfect in that so that no one is able to find mistakes in that
I am timid personality...I have stage fear
I have to be very alert in my practise bcoz GP madhye variety of patients yet astat
One of my problem is stitches ghetana my hand trembles some times....mala aawdat nahi trembling but I can't control it....if someone is observing that ....I feel shameful....bcoz it shows lack of confidence & if people will observe that , it can affect my practise
Tumhala ajun kahi history havi asel tar I can give
I just want to get free from this dermatitis....plz help me
Senior Homeopath has helped me lot but dermatitis jat nahiye.....I feel ki tumcha knowledge khup chhan ahe so I should take medicine from you
: I am very much worried because of this dermatitis...bcoz of its Recurrence in march or april every year...imp thing is that since 3 years the itching has started before attending functions in march or april
I took treatment from senior Homeopath..she had given mi medicine for my depression & suicidal thoughts...I face depression in between with suicidal thoughts .....I had no interest in life...ata nahiye evdha depression ....but te madhun madhun yet ....aani jevha second marriagech discussion hot tevha I get very very scared...I have phobia of inlaws now.....I feel that how can I trust again any new person is very hard for me now.....ekta rahav tar I feel insecure....
[28/04 6:48 pm] Dr Sanjay Jadhav: Dr -
Why r u feeling so scared of in-laws?

N what if u hv to remain alone?

Do u want second marriage?
--bcoz my in laws & husband were very dominating
& u can't judge in just one meeting
when I see any person dressed like my father in law I get very scared I get palpitation
If I have to live alone then.....I feel insecure Mi gadivar ekti jate ghari Sometimes I get late... kuni tras dila ...kahi problem aala tar ekti kas manage karnar hi bhiti
[28/04 6:48 pm] Dr Sanjay Jadhav: Dr-
But now it's over na...u hv got divorced na
Ya...its over
But still ....ata proposals ahet....I don't have courage to face second marriage....kase lok astil...tras dila tar kay..etc etc vichar yetat manat
Te sagla samplay but tyacha ek impact zalay life var , manavar...I try to forget it but jat nahi manatun te
Bhiti vatne ha major problem nahi watat mala but hi itching ji ahe forearm var ti evdhi severe aste ki I scratch till it bleeds...roj naste itching but zalich tar it is in the evening around 6 pm
Is it allergic dermatitis ....I really don't know but it is related to depression
[28/04 6:48 pm] Dr Sanjay Jadhav: Dr-
U hv given nice case to a person who is unknown to u.
Thank you!
 : Follow up:
Good morning sir
The lesion is shrunken & has become somewhat dry
No itching within these 3 days =)
I am hopeful
Watatay ki subside hoyil halu
Thank you so much sir 🙏
madhye  fridge madhye thevlat aal ...thod jastach larynx madhye irritation ahe Dry cough is there which is better by drinking water & hot drinks .....but I think that medicine chi action disturb nko I am not taking anything.....Let ' medicine' fight the depression 😀
Mentally ....thodi positivity watatey deatana kalal ki mi past madhye mI future baddal positive vichar kartey

SAGLICH mansa wayit nastat is giving me second chance to choose life partner...saglyanach ha chance nahi milat

Waiting to get free from this depressing past 😔
[28/04 6:48 pm] Dr Sanjay Jadhav: first two photos - before treatment
last one is yesterdays photo

Look at the change sir 😀

Feeling very happy

It is almost gone
Only hypopigmentation is there
but ata as watatay ki kadhi te hypopigmentation jayil

I can't tell you in words how much happy I am !!!!!

sir but really thanks....I am feeling really happy
Its like a magic....I used to be very very depressed from inside

But ata khup chhan watay

No suicidal thoughts at all
no itching at all

I was experiencing a classic cure
Old symptoms aale hote like I had facial neuralgia , lightening pain across the facial nerve
& I had swelling at the site of injection few months before
I had taken TT 
Slight pain & swelling is there at the site of injection 
I had taken silicea at that time

One change I experienced is my palms & soles get wet

During anxiety
But I feel good

They used to be very dry before
[28/04 6:50 pm] Dr Sanjay Jadhav: This was chat on Hike....