Friday, 15 April 2016

Trapped morally.... A case of Ignatia in Nausea n Vomiting

This is short telephonic case:

My friends wife called me at around 3pm n asked are u free ? Want to give my case.
I said I am taking lunch.
She said OK I will call later, u continue.
She called again after half n hour.
I am suffering from nausea n vomiting since 2-3 days. I was at my parents home at jalgaon as my father had an accident I went to see him n take care of him. My mother could not manage alone so stay there for a week. My son n daughter, they r 3yrs old twins, were with my husband at kolhapur.
As they both had fever, I had to return back as early as possible. But I was in dilemma what to do?
Whether to leave my father who was ailing with pain or stay with him.
Also I could not stay away from kids as they had fever n asking for me.
Muze aisa feel hua ki mai atak gayi hu....karu to kya karu....papa ko chod k  jau ki nahi...lekin vaha husband puchne lage...tuze ana h ki nahi?
Mai kisi ka man nahi dukhana chahti kolhapur nikal gayi...vaha bacchon ki dekhbhal ki...they felt better.
Lekin meri machlahat aur ultiya nahi ruki abhi tak.
Muze aisi dava do ki isse bahar nikal saku....

My observations:
Tone was low pitched, heavy as if she is about to weep but somehow not wept yet.

*****200 3 doses n within few hours she felt better.

My friend who is homoeopath called me to know rubrics on which I selected medicine.
As he tried three medicines for her..
After 3 weeks she called again n told me that menses still not came. It has been a week late...actually she gets menses 3-4 days before date.

I said take 1m 3doses of same medicine...n... said "TATHASTOO"

She called next to tell me tathastoo worked!!!
My analysis:

She called when I was taking lunch. She said OK.

Again, she does not want to hurt anyone.

Sensitive moral impressions to

High morals

And these morals does not let her to decide what to do?

So, I felt at this particular moment she is TRAPPED.

TRAPPED MORALLY which I thought crux of case.

She yielded to dominating husband.

Yielding disposition

And from her concern I felt she is shrieking for her

 Shrieking help for