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Atypical case of Fever

A case of Fever of 2.5yrs baby

It was telephonic case. Parents of child are Homoeopathic drs. They gave 2-3 medicines with temporary effect. Fever used to rise up to 103°F.
Scene is like this...
I asked what happened to him?
They described scene as:
They decided to put this baby in playgroup. As both are busy in their work. And they are thinking that if he goes to playgroup he will learn how to talk and play with other children.
So mannerism n socialism.
BUT when he was sent to playgroup for the first day mother accompanied him to classroom and stayed with him for full time.
Second day, school did not allow inside class, mother was at gate. Baby cried for mother....Had vomiting after coming to home.
Third day, he had loose motions at group n at home also....Baby came down with high fever...103°F.
Responding temporarily to antipyretics.
Here i got some interesting information.
When his mother is ready to go hospital where she does job (2-10) fever raised...When she cancelled it...N...took him in her lap for some time fever came down without antipyretic. Then she thought she can go... Again fever raised when she is about to leave home....
He wants mother by his side always. Followed her even to washroom. Mother felt like what should I do of him...Little bit irritated with his behavior. Even if she is in front of him, ask for mummy... Everyone should be in front of him including father, Grand mother. Mother said he feels they will leave him n go somewhere. Asks for something when it is provided rejects it...Again asks for it once again.

This is a case.

Medicine given in 200 potency..

Fever settled for that day...Had sone snacks. Vomiting n loose motions decreased.

Next day morning, again fever but now 101 n less irritability. Still had loose motions n vomiting but less in number.

Potency 1m is used n then everything settled from that day....

I asked parents to wait for 6 months then think of group n school...As per his tender age n Mind is concerned.

Dr Sanjay Jadhav:
One more line for feel of baby :
(As his tender childhood is not finished yet)

अभी ना जाओ छोडकर
की दिल अभि भरा नही
(Child trying to say this is not right time to keep away him from parents)
अजून माझं मन भरलं नाही

One more thing.... Metaphysics...

Here i thought Anger...Out of fever...And rejection out of vomiting.

"Plz i am so tender, don't be rude with me,....Handle me with soft n kindly.....Is the feel of case".....

This did not happen so the adaptation n reaction of Anger and Vomiting😊😊

Rubrics in bracket are from complete repertory...Thought on retro....
I want all the attention, care, love of yours (even at the cost of ur discomfort...Avarice-wants all for himself & Affection - absorbs) man hi nahi bharta mera...Jo diya absorb kiya... aur do

So much of occillation of mood in symptoms....Indicates
Mind - mood - changeable
Mind - mood - changeable - contradictory...puls single.

Here, i feel contradictory in the sense of not expected or not indicated in particular situation.
No one expected so much of high n low of temp within few seconds....अविश्वसनीय

One more point, thought while above discussion is going on, irritating ipr, simulating cham....This is 
Irritability pain during
Biting spoon of puls

Mother said na ....Mixed feeling...Felt like giving slap as well pity feeling....Does not know what to do of him

So, capricious remedies like cham n puls makes ipr confused...Even ipr can not take decision what to do now.

अभि तो मै कली (soft, delicate, tender) हू
मुझे तोडो मत ।

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