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Receiving means Go through (mental or physical states or experiences).
U r actively participated in it.
Case taking starts when patient talks on phone—inquiring or taking appointments
Q. On phone how to detect that patient is lying?
Ans. Pt will not be fluent and takes pause in between conversation to think what to lie and makes false story.
Honest pt is fluent.
“Lier always falter.”
He will theorise rather than being precise.
Lier gropes in dark for words to fool you on phone.
Old saying, “An honest person has nothing to remember or recall while lier has to.”
In clinic, lier scratches nose in front of you.
He avoids eye contact rather looks sideways while telling his complaints.
A)  Few patients ask permission even to sit in a chair (Rubric ?) esp. sulph does this, will ask for permission to enter the cabin and even before sitting.
B)  Some patients don’t ask for permission rather they come in siddenly and starts telling complaints (Rubric ? this rubric has sense of rudeness.)
Preliminary data of case Receiving:
Name----Name gives u identity and when u tell ur name it shows what u think of urself where u stand.
Professional designation as prefix---Adv. XYZ
Because he has created his own identity and he is proud of it.
(May be this patient is Dignified……Nat-m)
Ign- she will feel awkward while taking her husbands name
Calc carb- will use family surname
Plat- only his name…no name of father or surname
Bus khudka naam kafi hain…he feels like his name is BRAND.
Lach- has amusement desire and playfulness. So he will b in it even while telling his name.
Hyos- he is in Antics playing. Child will tell the name by spelling it first with making faces and then pronounce it.
Hyos is best actor.
He will laugh even when u ask his name eventhough there is nothing to laugh in that (Laughing -ludricrous).
By age we can enter into core of patient.
If pt is unmarried even his age is beyond age of marriage,
Why he is unmarried?
This will be our entry point…..Rubric?
If we doubt of his/her sex… Effeminate…entry point.

How he describes occupation is important.
By occupation and profession we can know patients economic status.
The we can correlate if he is Bargaining or Boasting or really telling  truth.
Contact No-
Some pts don’t give their contact no even though we mob in their pocket…analysis?....rubric?
Some deny, some gives in short and some lies…hesitation while teeling address….
At first make pt comfortable by making proper RAPPORT.
Make them feel as a friend, brother, a close relative then during interrogation put a pt in discomfort situation and then see the reaction.
These reactions will lead us to simillimum.
e.g. ase jar zhale tar tu kay karshil?
Ashya paristhitit tu kay karto?
These are purely unprejudiced questions.
Case receiving revolves around these questions:
What he says?
What he does?
What is very easy pt spontaneously talks about it.
How he says?
How he does?
IPR and ur experience will help to know how of case.
Why he says?
Why he does?
Here why is too much valuable…it is when u will understand pt spiritually.
Same questions to be asked to pt and to his IPR.
We have to treat patient and not his disease.
Patient has changed state of mind and body than previous state which was healthy……so we consider here CHANGE IN DISPOSITION OF MIND & BODY(Refer Apho. 210 & 211)……this is being exhibited to us through expressions. These expressions have two forms mainly i.e. speech and actions.
Every pt who comes to us for his treatment does two things. He speaks to you about something and does something in the form of gestures.
You have to note down how and what he talks about, and to observe as to what he does? (with his limbs and facial expressions) and most important is try to find that why he does so?
After that u have to underline present,predominant and persisting symptoms.
Present (webster)
“not past or future: existing or happening now”
“now existing or in progress”
Predominating (webster)
“to appear more noticeable or imposing than something else”
Persistent (webster)
“to be insistent in a statement, request, question etc.”
Then u have to open mind section of Repertory.
U will find that repertories contain symptoms in the form of RUBRICS.
Rubric (webster)
“a name or heading under which something is classified”
Now our job is to give a rubrics shape to the expressions of the pt.
For this reason u must know rubrics, their disctionary meanings with proper evaluation and fine expressions they convey & the inferences that can be deduced.


MIND - DELUSIONS - injury - being injured; is
bry. cact. canth. elaps kali-br. lach. lyss. naja phos. rhus-g. rhus-t. STRAM. sulph.

Delusion injury-being injured;is -- An important mental general commonly encountered in routine practice.
DELUSION-- A persistent false belief regarding the self or person or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary
INJURY--Medically is defined as breach in continuity of skin or tissue. Dictionary meanings are as follows.
            --Bodily harm / damage / or loss.
           --Violation of one's rights,
           --Subjected to injustice.
Hindi-- DARD, JAKHM.
IS BEING--in process, as in present progressive tense expressing continuous action.
Injury has 2 important attributes--(1) BREACH (2) PAIN.
Breach-- Temporary gap in continuity,
           --Infraction or violation of law / obligation / tie / or standard,
           --A broken or ruptured or torn condition or area,
           --A breach in accustomed friendly relation.
Pain-- Bodily or emotional distress characterized by aching and discomfort.
This complete rubric as a whole means that patient BELIEVES he has sustained an injury or injuries sometime while ago and the injury (pain) is still GOING ON  (chal raha he). Here the cause of injury may have been one thing while the injury is kept continual or accentuated by various other thing or things. Here the predominant aspect is PAIN irrespective of the cause.
pt's version—dr saab pichle saal T.B ki bimari hui aur bahut davainya khani padi, tab se jo takleef shuru hui he vo aaj bhi chal rahi he. Thoda bhi mausam badal gaya ya khane mein gadbad hui to takleef aur badh jati he.
pt--dr last year I had pulmonary tuberculosis and I had to consume lots of tablets and SINCE THEN the pain never subsided. Any change in weather or food causes more problems.
Pt- allopathy ki davai muze suit nahi karti…kal maine allopathy davai li tabse headche aur pet dard shuru ho gaya hain…
Pt's  often  describes the injury time in words--SINCE THEN and the predominance is on PAIN and not much on the cause.

We should never accept the statement of the patient or attendants on their face value.
The stree should be given on the intrinsic(=belonging to a thing by its very nature) value.
What she or he is speaking? What is the innermost signal? We, observer, must make all efforts to realize the precise meaning of those statements and scan them in the proper perspective.

Case video
(Posted on You Tube named“Tarentula Hispanica Child”)

MIND - LOOKING - directions; in all - hysteria; to observe the effect of her actions on others, in
MIND - PLAYING - desire to play - hide and seek, at
bell. stram. tarent.
aids. aloe bell. bufo cimic. cocc. croc. cygn-be. dream-p. elaps falco-pe. ign. lac-del. lac-leo. lach. melal-alt. meny. naja oncor-t. ox-ac. Podo. positr. psor. sal-fr. seneg. tarent. vero-o.

Anand movie

Remedy of Rajesh Khanna

MIND - MIRTH - wretched; simulating hilarity while he feels
Apis, dendr-pol.
Mirth & wretched are opposite words.
In Mirth we can feel joy and happiness of the person and
In Wretched we can see the pain or sorrow without expressed by person.
The meaning of above rubric is:
Even though he is in wretched pain he is expressing the joy or mirth to the environment.
See pt is having Cancer. But pt thought practically death is the only truth of life. What we he meant & knew that Cancer is going to take his life. So instead of taking tension I will enjoy whatever life I have.
See he is talking as if he has gone beyond pain and fear & even with this he can enjoy his life with joy n happiness at its high.
“Haste haste marne ko bhi ANAND se upbhogna”

alco. apis dulc. hypoth. kali-s. phos. podo. tub.

Affability (n):
A disposition to be friendly and approachable (easy to talk to)
Pt behaves like he knows a person he is meeting from many years.
“kaise ho Tenaliram, bhabhiji kaisi hain”
It really does not matter whether he actually knows or not.

Apis, polys.

See he is talking as if he has gone beyond pain and fear & even with this he can enjoy his life with joy n happiness at its high.
“Haste haste marne ko bhi ANAND se upbhogna”

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