Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Homoeopathy in Emergency: Medorrhinum case

Case is taken on phone as they stay 600 kms awy from my place.
A 3 yrs old son of my beloved friend homoeopath... Suffered from bloody n mucus stool with fever. Weakness. Appetite as if lost. His info is like this.
My frnd tried around 4-5medicines within 4days. Then he called me to give medicine.
This boy has been saved from debilitating fever 1yr back by me. So with this hope his mother(my frnds wife) started telling that he has became too much obstinate.. He wants everything his sister plays with or eats. They were fed up with these twins. I asked tell something more...esp changed behaviour during sickness.
She said before falling sick around 3-4days before he was telling I m going to fall I'll n I will get fever!!!
We were taking it lightly.
After 4days he got fever then this mucus stool n now bleeding thr stool we r worried now...hv to hospitalize against our will. (My frnd is passionate homoeopath. So it is painful for him that son is not being treated by hom medicine).
Uski condition dekhi  nahi jati
 We r feeling helpless.
Jabse bimar pada h car k bare me possessive ho gaya h. Kahta h hamari car h koi haat nahi lagao use. Whenever he sees car he asks for a round  in colony only after that he stops crying otherwise he  cries. Usko leke baithna padta h
Leke idhar udhar ghumana padta h tabhi use accha lagta h.
One more point jab hum ghar me rehte h bolta h niche chalo ground floor pe...niche gaye k bolta h...abhi upar chalo...pareshan karke rakha h bacche ne...we r worried about him...plz do something
Bohot chidchid karta h....rota rehta h...jab use urge ata  h stool k liye to leke jate h...when he sits there within few seconds bolta h...chalo nahi ho raha h....bohot pareshan ho gaye h hum...

Follow up
within hour of giving Medorrhinum in 200 potency...she called me that we were thinking to go hospital n admit him as paediatrician suggested...but now no blood through stool...irritability n crying much  better n she started weeping n thanking me that once again u saved my child.
Next day stool normal n no fever... Son is fine playing with his sister.
It was quite emergency case for that time.