Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Carcinocinum case of Serious, Delicate boy having Milia and acne on face

The mother who is my pt brought her son to me for milia n acne on face.
Itching of eruption.
Serious looking boy of 15yrs of age with bashful look.
He didn't speak about his complaints.
Then I asked his mother about him.
She said mera ladka bahot hoshiyar h lekin naye logo ke sath baat karte samay darta h.
Ghar me bhi kam bolta h. Uske padhai me hi rahta h. Sharmila h. Naye logose darta h. Pitaji ne bahot kamaya h lekin ye kahta h mai sidha sadha hi rahunga.
I asked him: why?
Pt: muze aisa hi pasand h.
Mo: hum use Dr banayenge.
Pt ne ma ke ha me ha miladi with smile.
Again I asked him tell about ur problem.
Pt: chehra kharab ho jayega isliye TT karvani h. Khujli hoti h.
And while telling all this I noticed that his eyes seems to be moist....then...wet....then actually started weeing but no sound.
Tears rolled down d face...n...surprisingly he was smiling while if trying to hide his weeping.
I asked what happened?
He said yesa hota h muze Nate logo k sath baat karte samay....khud b khud ankh me pani aa  jata h.
Minimal eye to eye contact.
Just looking at his mother when she narrated his behaviour.
IPR : father is very dominating person (plat). Kisiko bolne nahi deta. Ye yesa hi h Dr vo kya batayega...he takes granted  for others. Vo bolta h mai mere bete ko Dr hi banaunga...paise ki koi kami nahi h.
Mother is phos.
Brother is bell.
After giving ....  30 3 doses started change in eruption....
Gave 200 next time as mother told he is not daring baaj. Has not much confidence.
Then on next follow up...seems to be confident while talking with me....he started talking on his own....talked more than mother....
Still on mother expect him to be MACHO....
At both physical n psychological level.

Bahot bhauk h


Weeping involuntary conversation during
Baat karte samay yesa ho jaata h....khud b khud asu aa jate h
Tears iske control me involuntary...

Rote samay aur in general gesture
Timidity bashful
Sharmila h...
Fear strangers of
Naye  logo se darta h....Naye Matlab jinhe pehli bar dekha so stranger...not known
Avarice spite of wealth...
Ailments from domination children in
Ye observation h....ha me ha me milana.. Ki muze Dr hi hona h.....mother baat karti h tab uski taraf dekte rehna....kuchh na bolna....
Carcinocinum is the remedy....

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