Wednesday, 20 November 2013


On one evening, one of my old patients came to me to seek advice on the problem he is going through. He was a middleman in her sister in law’s (his wife’s sister) marriage. There is lot of disputes between new couple. Directly or indirectly life of my patient got disturbed. Discussion cum argument entered in his life. He narrated like this----
Maza sadu daru pito, patnila nit vagvat nahi. Ata ti delivery la geli hoti. Devlivery nantar tichya maherchi mandali tila parat pathavayala tayar nahit. To tyanna sarkha phone karto ani dhamkya deto. Ghyala yeto….pathwa…..etc. nahitar vichar karun deva…..etc. tyanni yacha phone ghenache band kele. Mob switch off karun thevtat. Amchi jababdari mhanun amhi milaf ghadava mhanun bolalo. To amhalach bolayal lagala ki he tumachyamulech hote ahe. Tumchyamulech amchyat problem hot ahet. Mi tyala ordun sangitale amcha kahihi sambhand nahi. To kadhi kadhi mazya baykola pun phone karto…. Dhamkya deto… ata mala tension ale ahe kay karu?
Mala bhitine dhad-dhad hote. Guilty vatate. Pashchyatap hoto. Ya nalayakala kashyala mulgi suchvali. To mazya varach arop karayala laglay ki he tumchyamulech hote ahe. Jyat mazi kahi chuk nahi. Madhyasthi vaktiche kam sthal suchvane ani lagnanantar thode divas jababdari aste ki sagle vyavasthit chalu ahe na…..ata ek mulga zala tari ha sudhrat nahi….nalayak manus ahe he…tyala daya maya kahi nahi…..manuski nahi… bindok ahe to… tyache tyachya aai-vadilanshi patat nahi….te pun tyala oradtat…..
After listening his problem he asked for medicine to be relaxed ---
MIND - ANXIETY - palpitation – with
MIND - ANXIETY - conscience; anxiety of
MIND - DELUSIONS - accused, she is
And most important rubric is ---
MIND - DELUSIONS - devil - persecuted by the devil; he is - crimes he had never done; for
Devil= A cruel wicked and inhuman person
Persecute = to harass, to annoy with persistent approaches
Persecuted means persistently harassed though not continuously

Remedy came to be Zincum met with satisfactory relief.

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